February 1, 2019

Before eight o’clock in the morning Adrián and Arturo with their mothers Paloma and Obdulia, and their caregiver Jose arrive at the airport of Alicante wishing to board the plane that would take them to fulfill their dream.

After an exciting takeoff our guys enjoy a quiet flight and at the exit of the plane they begin to feel more nerves and excitement. That does not prevent them from enjoying a rich breakfast and arriving at the hotel wishing to rest for a while before preparing for the big night.

In the afternoon Adri and Arturo put on their best clothes together with their mothers and Jose, and go to the set of their favorite program. They can meet in person the contestants who watch every week on television! Meanwhile, in the home they prepare the big screen to see together the program in the living room.

Upon arrival at the set of ‘Tu cara me suena’ Adri and Arturo do not believe what their eyes see: lights, cameras and a lot of people preparing things before the show begins.

3, 2, 1 and action:

The program starts and our boys enjoy a funny, surprising and very exciting show. In the breaks of publicity the singer Soraya, the presenter Manel Fuentes and the singer Carlos Baute come to meet our boys and share a little while with them and their mothers. An incredible experience!

The night ends, and although our boys are exhausted, all the emotions lived have them in a cloud. But they has to rest to catch the flight back to Alicante the next morning, and be able to tell the rest of his companions and caregivers this great adventure they have lived together.

The following photos summarize the exciting moments that they lived with their mothers and their caregiver Jose:

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P.d: Thank you very much to all the people who have made this unforgettable adventure possible.


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