“evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation

Child psychology

Health care unit in which a psychologist specialized in sanitary psychology is responsible for the diagnosis, evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation of mental, emotional, relational and behavioral disorders.

Educational psychology

It is the field of psychology that intervenes through the appropriate techniques and resources in Neurodevelopmental Disorders that affect the child’s learning and behavior. Some of these disorders are:

– Generalized development issue

– Language disorders

– Learning disorders

– Communication development disorder


– Anxiety disorder

– Mental retardation

– Non-verbal learning disorder

Early attention

The period between birth and the age of six years of age is especially critical to detect and intervene in possible alterations that may occur in children’s development, as well as to prevent the possible appearance of difficulties in later stages.

A child may present or be at risk of suffering an alteration in their evolutionary development, which may be specific to an area (for example, language and / or communication, the motor, cognitive, social, emotional area, in the acquisition of autonomy habits) or presenting a general delay.

Early detection, care and intervention in the difficulties presented by the child is essential to achieve the maximum development of their abilities and to help them overcome their limitations, as well as to prevent them from increasing in later stages of their development.

The main need of parents in this situation is the appropriate guidance by professionals who make them feel involved in each step of this child’s learning process, as well as the acquisition of new abilities and skills. One of the objectives of Early Care is to strengthen the capacities and competences of each family in their natural environment.


Young population to whom EARLY CARE is aimed at are children with:

  • Alterations in communication, imagination, sociability and play. TEA in its different expressions and degrees.
  • Peri-pre or postnatal risk: High Biological or social risk (prematurity, low weight …)
  • Genetic Disorders: Down Syndrome, S.Angelman, Prader Willi, Williams.
  • Motor Alterations: Encephalopathies, psychomotor retardation, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, etc …
  • Any alteration or difficulties of the child’s evolutionary development: in communication and language, cognition, socialization, psychomotor development.



Aquatic therapy


Family School

Logopedic therapy

Occupational therapy

Other therapies


Aquatic therapy

Family school

Logopedic therapy

Occupational therapy

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