Lukas Foundation: to help the people
with severe functional diversity as well as their families


A pioneering socio-sanitary model and in a true home environment.


Because we want many young people with severe multiple disabilities to have the chance to enjoy all the benefits of outdoor leisure.


Because we bet on true integration.


Therapy Center

Our Therapy Center is open to the general public offering a wide variety of therapeutic activities. We have large, bright rooms equipped with everything necessary to perform specific therapies.

Residence Home

It is the only assisted supervised housing model in Spain, understanding and providing for the autonomy of young people with severe multiple disabilities and taking into account their social and health requirements.

Family support

Activities which support the families are essential so that families can take time for themselves, to rest, to organise their lives or simply undertake any activity the would like.


Adapted bicycles

With our adapted bicycles we pursue to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities and their families and offer an adapted and inclusive leisure resource.


Integration playgrounds are play facilities that address the special needs of children with disabilities, promoting their participation and, in turn, integration and inclusion in normalized life


La Boccia is practiced by people with Cerebral Palsy, although in recent years people with severe physical disabilities have also started to play. The physical characteristics (functionality) and techniques of the players, will define the way the game is played.


Our garden for cultivating fruits and plants is included in the sensory garden of the FLK Center and is fully adapted for access for boys and girls with severe functional diversity.

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Our adapted bikes in Envera

Our adapted bikes in Envera

Adapted bicycles have once again proved that the power of inclusive sport for all is unstoppable. The new health and social situation in Madrid forced us to stop the adapted bicycle rental service that began operating last March in Madrid. Still, we knew that our...

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We awarded eight scholarships for therapies at the FLK Center

We awarded eight scholarships for therapies at the FLK Center

As you already know, the current pandemic has resulted in children and young people with disabilities having an even more precarious situation, due to the lack of social contact, the absence of therapies, fewer chances to go out to the street... For this reason, the...

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Ismael, father of Isma

“That Isma is in the house of the Lukas Foundation is a gift of life. We feel very lucky to have met the people who championed this project. It shows that there is hope, that it is worth fighting. They have managed to improve the lives of the children and their families. An example of operation that should serve as a template for other similar projects. Here life is cool! “

Gloria, mother of Braulio

“My son Braulio Andrés has a great time. He is super active, smarter, he has more movement, he doesn’t stop. In addition to the benefits it has, she also relaxes a lot because she loves water. We are super happy and very grateful.”

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