Physiotherapy in the treatment room

“development of function, movement and postural control”

Globality in the treatment


In Lukas Foundation we use the Neuroevolutive Concept as a baseline, assessing and treating children and adults with alterations in the development of function, movement and postural control. Within the totality of the treatment, we assess and intervene in the same way to prevent, stabilize and improve derived respiratory pathology or specific lesions of the thoracic-pulmonary system.

Evaluation indicators and specific results are obtained

  • Taking into account the low mobility of users, (many of them do not move anything by themselves and are basically sitting all day in their chairs, which prevents even proper breathing,) these treatments help improve the general physical conditions of our children, mainly thanks to the increased flexibility of the body which results in an improvement in mobility.

  • With the treatment, we also help to mobilize secretions, in general very abundant, which are due to hypotonia, hypertonia and back problems (including high degrees of scoliosis-kyphosis). The weekly treatment facilitates coughing and secretions are expelled, thus improving oxygen saturation in blood. Normally after a physiotherapy session the pulse oximeter indicates that the saturation of oxygen in the user’s blood has increased 1 or 2 points.

  • By improving the physical condition thanks to each physiotherapy session, mood also improves and the children look happy both during the session and after.

Testimony of a mother

“Ignacio is very hard-working and he loves the physiotherapy session. Currently, due to the high level of Ignatius’ scoliosis, the rotation of his spine, his respiratory deficiencies are increasing. It is clear, that these sessions of physiotherapy improve and facilitate the day to day life of the recipients, they become absolutely essential and necessary to live. In addition, the lack of oxygen in blood further hinders the elasticity of the muscles. For the past year, Ignacio has been in treatment for Palliative Care. Thanks to the additional physiotherapy care that Ignacio is receiving, he has stabilized. At the Therapy Center FLK , he has had the opportunity also to have treatment in the pool where it is clear that this is Ignacio’s natural environment. A report compiled for the doctors, using the assessment of 6 months of treatment shows evidence of improvement in oxygen saturations. Thanks to these treatments and care Ignacio has only fallen ill 3 days in the last semester of 2017. For all of this we can say that physiotherapy combined with hydrotherapy is the best and most appropriate treatment that Ignacio could have today”.



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Aquatic therapy


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