An activity of leisure adapted in family with undoubted therapeutic advantages

With our adapted bicycles we pursue the following objectives:

  • Improve the quality of life of people with disabilities and their families.
  • Offer an adapted and inclusive leisure resource for people with disabilities and their families.
  •  Offer respite and rest to the relatives of people with disabilities through the organization of outings and bike rides with volunteers of the Foundation.
  •  Create ties of integration between people with different disabilities and offer them a volunteering in the field of leisure and adapted sports.
  • Promote the integration of people with disabilities in society through adapted sports.
  •  Promote sustainable mobility, reducing the cost of using adapted motorized transport.
  • Networking with various entities of people with disabilities for the use of bicycles in their activities.
The adapted bike service of Alicante is integrated into the programs of the Lukas Foundation Center.The program has six adapted electric bicycles, a trailer to transport them and two wehoo children's trailers.

All these elements allow a wonderful leisure activity which can be enjoyed by the whole family and offers undoubted therapeutic advantages, benefits in the cognitive and motor area of the people with disability. These adapted bicycles facilitate the use of the two pieces together or the use of the chair independently as a support or walk chair.

And on the other hand, Wehoo trailers are suitable for children who can pedal and do not exceed 37 kilos. Taking into account all these benefits, we decided to offer this service free of charge throughout the year to the members of our Foundation, and it has been achieved thanks to a shared grant from the Rotary clubs of Alicante, Meppel and Vlissingen with the help of the Rotary Foundation and the subsequent subsidies of the AMA Foundation and the Regional Ministry of the Valencian Government.

Contact in Alicante: Yolanda Santos /

Tel. 96 565 18 83
After the success of the project in Alicante, Lukas Foundation launched a successful fundraising campaign that culminated with the introduction of a similar project in Madrid. Today we can offer this service of adapted bicycles to users and organizations in the autonomous Community of Madrid. This is all possible thanks to Fundación Mapfre, Fundación Repsol and Maxxium.

Currently we have three adapted electric bikes for people with disabilities, a weehoo (semi-tandem to take children from 2 to 8 years), two ride bikes for companions and a trailer to transport the bikes. The bicycles are located in the Santa María de la Paz hostel of the San Juan de Dios order, which works with the Foundation by sharing this space and participating in the maintenance and operation of this service. On this link, you can find information on some nearby routes, ideal for adapted bicycles:

Testimony by Atenpace: "We rode around with huge smiles on our faces. All the children were able to enjoy a ride on these bikes and they had a lot of fun. Many thanks to the center of San Juan de Dios, we were amazed by their kindness. Please convey our gratitude on behalf of our whole group to the dining room staff, the bike custodian and all those who participated. A big hug to the Lukas Foundation".

We encourage anybody to take advantage of our adapted bikes, they are available to any person or insitution. It is an unparalleled experience! If you are a mother, father, guardian or interested party and you are reading this, please take the time to give them a try, see how the bikes work for you, we guarantee that you will be amazed and will not be able to stop a smile cracking out on your face!

Contact in Madrid: María del Palacio /

Tel. 91 759 91 26

In 2017 BBVA employees set a target to raise money for four NGOs: ASDEGAL, DOWN Castilla y León, DOWN Galicia and LUKAS FOUNDATION. They cycled 755km of the Camino de Santiago in relays. The biked from Roncesvalles (Navarra) to Santiago de Compostela (A Coruña).

On June 23 to 25, in preparation for a Camino de Santiago expedition with more children from the House, we accompanied Ignacio on an adapted bike as a practice ride. We hope to take a group onto the Camino de Santiago with the children of the house in June 2019!

This year there will be a new edition of #BBVAAM Solidarios non stop on June 15, 16 and 17 raising money to finance four projects among which "FLAG 2019 PILGRIMS." This will raise the funds for the so that in June 2019, our children from the Foundation can tackle the Camino de Santiago trip on adapted bikes.

Also this year we are offering three of our electric adapted bikes for any family wishing to make this special trip. If you are interested, get in touch with us.