You can learn all the therapeutic potentials of aromatherapy

With the purchase of Herbarom products you will be helping improve the quality of life of people with severe multiple disabilities and their families, and you will also benefit from a 10% DISCOUNT on each purchase if you enter the FLK code at the end of the same.

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Our successful Aromatherapy SOLIDARITY WORKSHOPS are back, and thanks to them, you can help yourself, but above all you will help many young people with disabilities.

You can learn all the therapeutic potentials of aromatherapy and its essential oils and of the yemoterapia, which extracts the active principles directly of the yolks of the plants. But the most important thing is that the collection of the workshops will be aimed at maintaining our mission to improve the quality of life of young people with severe disabilities and their families.


In addition, you can now buy our own synergies inspired by the needs of our children, in our Flk Center and in our Madrid office for only 10 euros each:

- Herbadefenses
- Herbaderma
- Stopmosquitos
- Herbasueño
- First aid kit with 6 essential oils (lavender, geranium, tangerine, lemon, tea tree, ravintsara) for € 55.