For people with severe affectations

The sensory stimulation room of the Lukas Foundation Center is equipped with structures and materials designed to carry out basal and multisensory stimulation, ideal for people with severe cognitive and motor impairments.

  • A vibrating musical water bed.
  • A panel of lights shaped like a cloud.
  • An image projector.
  • A hard mat.
  • A cascade of optical fiber.
  • A column of bubbles.
  • A mirror placed behind the bubble column.
  • A postural puff.
  • Aromatherapy diffuser for aromatherapy.
  • A stereo with a specific program for the water bed.
The water bed allows children with reduced mobility and / or spasticity to perceive proprioceptive and vestibular information which is not provided by rigid surfaces. This stimulation is combined with auditory and visual information, since different moving images are projected both on the walls and on the ceiling, the child can make visual follow-ups, observe contrasts or fix his/her gaze (fundamental aspects of basal therapy).

Also in the room there is a space with a rigid surface so that children with more motor skills can work in a sitting position with the different textures and materials availalbe. Just above is the fiber optic, which attracts a lot of attention from the user as a result of the progressive color changes. On one side is the bubble column, which provides random stimuli as a result of its change of color, vibration and bubbles. A mirror located behind the bubble column serves to amplify this effect.
Neuro-rehabilitation sessions of 20 or 45 minutes promote the capabilities of the person. The environment can also be modified to boost participation.

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