There is no legacy too small, your gesture will have an impact into the future and will have an impact on many people

Do you want to know what a donor’s  legacy might be? 

Imagine being able to extend your kindness and generosity to the next generations, imagine being able to give the best examples to your heirs without harming their rights, imagine being able to contribute to a better world, imagine improving the quality of life of many families with children with severe disabilities ...

All this is possible should you decide to make a donor legacy contribution. Because our commitment is to offer maximum transparency and guarantees, your contributions will be used to develop projects that help improve the quality of life of young people with disabilities.

Making a will allows you to decide on the disposition of your legacy in a simple and economical way, to guarantee the fulfillment of your would like to happen to you assets when you are no longer there.
The legacy is the express assignment of assets or rights to a specific natural or legal person. Legacies must be specifically documented in the will and can not harm the legitimate inheritance of the legitimate heirs. The hereditary process will always be done with the utmost diligence, collaborating with all parties and complying with all legal obligations.
You can bequeath a fixed amount of money or set a percentage on the total value of your estate. It is also possible to make donations in kind (real estate, works of art, jewelry, etc.) or a right (a benefit, the collection of a debt, shares, etc.). If you want to receive more information in this regard please contact with:
Gifts from a will are free of inheritance taxes. Even though Lukas Foundation is a legal entity, it is not subject to the Inheritance and Donations Tax. Likewise, the income derived from inheritances and bequests are exempt from Corporate Tax because they are a foundation that accepts the tax benefits included in Law 49/2002 on the Fiscal Regime of Non-Profit Entities and Fiscal Incentives for Patronage. Therefore, everything you donate will be fully received by the foundation to be used for the project you want.
You can decide how you would like your legacy to be used, it could be supporting aid programs (grants for therapies, adapted leisure, etc.) or developing integration parks. Or if you wish the donated amount will be awarded to the foundation's own inheritance funds so that with your donation, you support the foundation in general and give it more economic stability.
You can change the will as many times as you wish, since only the most recent one is considered valid. If you are thinking of making a legacy donation, please can call us on the phone 917599126 , or send an email to