A game of strategy and precision

La Boccia is similar to petanque. In each game, the goal of each athlete is to bring their colored balls to the cue ball ("target"), trying to get the maximum advantage in scoring against their opponent. It is a game of strategy and precision, with rules governed by international regulation.

La Boccia is practiced by people with Cerebral Palsy, although in recent years people with severe physical disabilities have also started to play. The physical characteristics (functionality) and techniques of the players, will define the way the game is played.

The benefits of practicing this sport are:

-Promotes self-improvement and improves self-confidence,

-Occupies leisure and free time in a healthy way,

-Promotes sport as a way of life,

-Establishes sport as a means of integration,

-Improves perceptual-motor qualities,

-Contributes to maintaining and improving motor, sensory and mental functions,

-Improves discipline.

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