For young people with disabilities to have access to leisure

Since the foundation's origins, one of our priorities has been to seek resources so

that young people with severe multiple disabilities with a high degree of dependency and their families too can have access to leisure.

We started with the creation of an adapted park, then we built a boccia track in the FLK Center garden and later we bought in the adapted bicycles. All this has been key in demonstrating to the public, that children and young people with severe multiple disabilities know and want to fully enjoy life, meet up with their friends, with their families and with all the volunteers who come and want to participate in fun activites.

We all know that leisure allows social inclusion, generates endorphins and is one of the best tools for personal development: autonomy, creativity, self-esteem, healthy behaviors..., all of them come together at the time when children have the opportunity to swing, to compete amongst each other and play boccia, to walk through the multisensory garden smelling and touching the plants, or to ride an adapted bicycle.