Awareness with CP Azorín

On March 18th, 50 children from the 4th grade of the Azorín Public School in Alicante came to our center to participate in one of our awareness-raising seminars. The children had a wonderful time and learned a lot about living with functional disability.  The Lukas Foundation team also had a fun day perhaps learning even more.

The objective of these visits, called “Travel to my world” is to bring the world of disability to school boys and girls.   It gives them the opportunity to experience and understand the day to day of children and young people with severe functional diversity, and also to get to know the first model of “casa hogar” for young people with severe multiple disabilities in Spain.

In addition, through this activity, the children reinforce the value of cooperation with others, they gain an awareness of the differences, and reflect on the physical and social barriers faced by people with functional diversity.

If you want more information about our awareness programs, go to: Awareness Programmes.



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