The joy of the afternoons

Receiving visits in our home is always a source of joy, especially if our guests come loaded with energy, optimism and desire to participate in all the activities that are scheduled. This has been the case in the last visits we have received:

First, we received the visit of a group of students from the Social Integration Cycle of IES Batoi de Alcoy. Our children and adolescents were delighted to have so many young people at their home and they were great hosts: they showed them the house and then we all shared time together.

A few days later we celebrated the Spring Festival, which brought with it the participation of our faithful volunteers and some colleagues from Cocemfe. It was a wonderful afternoon in which we all enjoyed the games that Irene had so lovingly chosen.  A way to get involved in the organization that kept her smiling throughout the afternoon.

Thank you all for sharing these wonderful moments with us!


Fundación Lukas

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